Menso families, children and parents

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mijn opa, foto van 1917     mijn ouders op hun trouwdag in 1935
  Johan Willem Menso
my grandfather
Johannes Christiaan
Paulus Eliza Menso

my uncle,
whose name I inherited
Menso Johannes Menso
Elisabeth van den Berg
my parents

Menso genealogy
I. Meeuwess STEINMESSELER, born before 1539 in Zwolle (?), died before 1589.

a. Jan MENSEN, born ca 1565 in Zwolle.
II. Jan MENSEN, born ca 1565 in Zwolle, died 17 September 1648, buried in St. Michael Church, Noorderbreuk grave 243.
Verger of the Great Church in Zwolle.

Married April 1589 in Zwolle to Gerbrich JANSDR, born ca 1569, daughter of Johan Jansen DROECHSCHEERDER and Alidt.
a. Aeltgen MENSINCK, baptized 13 September 1592 in the Great Church in Amsterdam.
b. Lutgertijn JANS, baptised 19 December 1596 in Amsterdam, married 1638 in Zwolle to the widower Jan GERRIJTSEN, glaesemaecker.
d. Aeltgen Jans MENSINCK, born 2 August 1605 in Zwolle, died there 1671, married 1625 in Zwolle to Albert Berends HOMOET, born 20 February 1600 in Steinfurt, died 1669 in Zwolle, son of Berent HOMOET.
They got 1 son: Vicar Bernardus HOMOET, born 18 March 1633 in Zwolle, died 1717 in Amsterdam, married to Margrieta VAN DER VEN, daughter of notary Justus VAN DER VEN.
d. Mense, born ca 1609 in Zwolle.
III. Vicar Menso Johannes, born ca 1609 in Zwolle, died 29 May 1664 in Amsterdam.
1628 Theological student in Groningen (Zwollanus).
1631 Student in Leiden.
1632 First vicar in Windesheim, near Zwolle.
1635 Vicar in Blokzijl.
1638 Vicar in Vollenhove.
1641 Vicar in Zwolle.
1652 Vicar in Amsterdam.

Married June 1635 in Zwolle to Elisabet NOIJEN, born ca 1610 in Wageningen, died 1684 in Amsterdam, daughter of Antoni NOIJEN and Evertje TONISDR.
a. Alida MENSO, born 1636 in Blokzijl, died 1717 in Zwolle, married 1666 in Amsterdam to Niclaes TEN HAVE, born 1628 in Zwolle, son of Barthold TEN HAVE and Reijntein JANSEN. They got 14 children.
b. Gerbrechtje MENSO, born ca 1638 in Blokzijl, died 1718 in Zwolle, married 1662 in Amsterdam to Vicar Christianus TEN HAM, born 1629 in Zwolle, died 1672 in Almelo, son to Lambert Gerrits TEN HAM and Janna KARSTEN.
c. Joannes MENSO, born 1640 in Vollenhove and died there 1640.
d. Antonius MENSO, baptized 12 April 1642 in Zwolle, died 1726 in Amsterdam, med. dr., married 1664 in Amsterdam to Maria RUIJGROCK, born 1645 in Amsterdam, died there 1716, daughter of Antonij RUIJGROCK and Jannetje HARMENS. They got 10 children.
e. Johanna MENSO, baptized 29 February 1644 in Zwolle, died 1681 in Amsterdam, married 1675 in Amsterdam to Jan Gerritsz SADELAER, born ca 1640 in Amsterdam, son of Gerrit SADELAER. They got 3 children.
f. Hermanna MENSO, baptized 23 January 1646 in Zwolle, married 1678 in Zwolle to Jan Berends TEN CATE, merchant in Zwolle, born ca 1655 in Vriezenveen, son of Berend Lucassen TEN CATE and Aleida. They got 4 children.
g. Johannes MENSO, baptized 25 May 1648 in Zwolle.
h. Elisabeth MENSO, baptized 28 January 1652 in Amsterdam, died there 1653.
i. Petrus MENSO, baptized 27 November 1653 in Amsterdam, died there 1654.
IV Vicar Johannes MENSO, baptized 25 May 1648 in Zwolle, died 1724 in Rhenen.
1666 Theological student in Leiden.
1675 Vicar in Castricum.
1681 Vicar in Velsen.
1687 Vicar in Rhenen.

Married 1675 in Amsterdam to Sara HARDEBOL, born 1655 in Amsterdam and died in Rhenen 1731, daughter of Aris HARDEBOL and Alida CLEIJVELT.
a. Johannes MENSO, born 5 May in Castricum.
b. Alida MENSO, baptized 5 April 1682 in Velsen, died 1682.
c. Alida MENSO, baptized 22 August 1683 in Velsen, died in Rhenen 30 August 1758, married 1731 in Rhenen to Johan Adriaan VAN DEVENTER, born ca 1681 and died 1741, son of Johannes VAN DEVENTER and Margaretha VAN WIJCK
d. Arnoldus MENSO, baptized 11 March 1685 in Velsen, died there 1685.
e. Elisabeth MENSO, baptized 13 October 1686 in Velsen, died 1745 in Rhenen, married 1733 in Rhenen to Mr. Gijsbert VAN BRIENEN VAN RAMERUS, born 1691 in Arnhem, son of Dirck VAN BRIENEN VAN RAMERUS and Anna Margaretha DE RUYTER.
f. Pieter MENSO, baptized in Rhenen 8 april 1688, died before 1724.
g. Constantijn MENSO, baptized 30 June 1689 in Rhenen, member of the city council and Schepen in Rhenen, died there 1733, got 1731 a daughter with Mechteld BUSQUINT.
h. Arnold MENSO, baptized 3 August 1690 in Rhenen, died 1690.
i. Maria Balthina MENSO, baptized 1 November 1691 in Rhenen, died before 1724.
j. Arnoldus MENSO, baptized 28 June 1693 in Rhenen, died before 1724.
k. Sara MENSO, baptized in Rhenen 7 August 1695, died before 1724.
Vicar Johannes MENSO, born 5 May in Castricum, died 31 August 1633 in Rhenen.
1704 Vicar in Kesteren.
1713 Vicar in Tiel.
1726 Vicar in Rhenen.

Married 21 December 1705 in Kesteren to Henderina SUIJCK, born 1686 in Utrecht and died 1728 in Lienden, daughter of Henricus Henrickse SUIJCK and Hendrina van WIJCK.
a. Sara MENSO, baptized 25 July 1706 in Kesteren, died there 1775, married 1737 in Rhenen to Johan Adriaan VAN DEVENTER, born 1713 in Rhenen and died there 1776, son of Hubertus VAN DEVENTER and Margaretha VAN POOLSUM. The got 4 children.
b. Hendrijna MENSO, baptized 2 October 1707 in Kesteren, married 1733 in Rhenen to vicar Johan Rabo METZ, born 1704 in 's-Hertogenbosch and died 1780 in Rhenen, son of Adam Christiaan METZ and Geertruid HECKERS. They got 11 children.
c. Vicar Johannes MENSO, baptized 12 June 1709 in Rhenen and buried there 8 May 1769, married 1740 i Rhenen to Paulina Elisabeth BOUWENSCH, born 1717 in Rhenen, daughter of Dr. Willem Adriaen BOUWENSCH and Jacoba KUPIUS. They got 5 children.
d. Henricus MENSO, baptized 15 March 1711 in Kesteren.
e. Cornelis MENSO, baptized 22 January 1713 in Kesteren, member of the city council and Schepen of Rhenen, married 1746 in Lienden to Agatha AMBERG, born 1720 in Rhenen, daughter of Gerrit AMBERG and Cornelia VAN INGEN. They got 7 children.
Their son Menso Johannes MENSO, born 1746 in Kesteren, got without his knowledge a son with Willemina WISCHHOF. This son took the surname MENZO, he was the beginning of the MENZO family.
f. Adriana MENSO, baptized 30 September 1714 in Kesteren.
g. Alijda Adriana MENSO, baptized 2 January 1718 in Kesteren, died 1774 in Rhenen, married 1739 in Rhenen to Willem Adriaen BOUWENSCH, born 1712 in Rhenen and died there 1749, son of  Dr. Willem Adriaen BOUWENSCH and Jacoba KUPIUS. They got 5 children.
h. Elisabeth Constantia MENSO, baptized 26 November 1719 in Kesteren, died 1797 in Rhenen.
i. Elisa Constantin MENSO, baptized 20 December 1720 in Kesteren.
j. Elisa Constantin MENSO, baptized 26 April 1722 in Kesteren.
k. Jan Hijbert MENSO, baptized 2 December 1725 in Lienden.
VI Dr. Henricus MENSO, medical doctor, baptized 15 March 1711 in Kesteren, buried 12 February 1780 in Rhenen.
City council member, schepen and mayor of Rhenen.

Married 1740 in Rhenen to Johanna Christina BOUWENSCH, born 1717 in Rhenen, died there 1782, daughter of Dr. Willem Adriaan BOUWENSCH and Jacoba KUPIUS.
a. Menso Johannes MENSO, baptized 11 December 1740 in Rhenen, died there 1748.
b. Jacoba MENSO, baptized 20 May 1742 in Rhenen, died there 1806, married 1766 in Rhenen to Huijbert Jan VAN DEVENTER, born 1743 in Rhenen and died there 1828, son of Johan Adriaan VAN DEVENTER and Sara MENSO. They got 6 children.
c. Hendrina MENSO, baptized 23 Februari 1744 in Rhenen, died there 1825.
d. Willem Adrijaan MENSO, baptized 24 June 1746 in Rhenen, died there 1757.
e. Frederika Fransina Christina MENSO, baptized 10 September 1747 in Rhenen, died there 1803.
f. Alida MENSO, baptized 7 January 1750 in Rhenen, died 1820 in Veenendaal, married 1786 in Slijk-Ewijk to vicar Willem VAN DER ROEST, born 1748 in IJsselstein and died 1789 in Cuijk, son of Hermanus Willems VAN DER ROEST and Ettie Elisabet MENTES.
g. Willemina Adriana MENSO, baptized 23 Ffebruary 1752 in Rhenen, died there 1829.
h. Mensina Johanna Adriana MENSO, baptized 30 July 1755 in Rhenen, died there 1818.
i. Amilia Geerardina MENSO, baptized 1 January 1758 i Rhenen, died där 1823.
j. Menso Johannes MENSO, baptized 22 September 1762 in Rhenen.

VII Menso Johannes MENSO, baptized 22 september 1762 in Rhenen, died there 10 August 1811.
City council member, schepen and mayor of Rhenen.

Married 7 May 1790 in Rhenen to Harnske VOLBRAGT DEURING, born 18 January 1774 in Wamel, died 1865 in Rhenen, daughter of Jan VOLBRAGT DEURING and Barbara GOOSSENS.
a. Hendrik MENSO, born 22 februari 1791 i Rhenen, died there 1872, married 1820 in Utrecht to Berendina Wilhelmina FEITH, born 1785 in Utrecht and died 1824 in Rhenen, daughter of Mr. Frederik Gijsbet FEITH and Anna Aletta van WESTHRENEN. No children. He was a.o. mayor of Rhenen, member of the Provincial Government of Utrecht and member of the Dutch Parliament, 2nd chamber.
b. Jan MENSO, baptized 18 March 1792 in Rhenen, died there 1792.
c. Johannes Christiaan Paulis Eliza MENSO, born 16 July 1794 in Rhenen.
d. Maria Barbera MENSO, baptized 21 January 1798 in Rhenen, died there 1801.
e. Jan MENSO, baptized 31 May 1801 in Rhenen, Secretary of the ciity of Rhenen, died 1837 in Paris.
f. Maria Barbera MENSO, baptized 11 March 1804 in Rhenen, died 10 January 1889 in Amsterdam, married 1827 in Rhenen to Jan PIJNAPPEL, born 1791 in Amsterdam and died there 1864, son of Jan PIJNAPPEL and Maria GROENEWOUD. The got 2 children.
g. Jacobus Frederik MENSO, baptized 9 November 1806 in Rhenen, died there 1811.
h. Willem Adriaan MENSO, baptized 27 August 1809 in Rhenen, died there 1811.

VIII Johannes Christiaan Paulus Eliza MENSO, born 16 juli 1794 in Rhenen, died there 23 November 1874.
Lawyer, sereterary of the city of Rhenen, judge of the city of Rhenen, member of the Provincial Government of Utrecht.
Knight in the order of the Dutch Lion.

Got a child with his house maid Nennetje HENDRIKSEN, born 31 August in Barneveld, died 1884 in Rhenen, daughter of Aalbert HENDRIKSEN and Aartje Gijsbertsen RAKHORST.
a. Hendricus MENSO, born 11 October 1827 in Rhenen.

IX Hendricus MENSO, born 11 October 1827 in Rhenen, died 10 January 1878 in Haarlem.
Was legally
recognized as official child of J.C.P.E. Menso.
Officerar in the Infantry.

Married 9 February 1870 in the Hague to Maria Christina VAN DER SCHOOREN, born 9 December 1842 in Veur, died 1900 in the Hague, daughter of the wood trader Johan Willem VAN DER SCHOOREN and Helena Catharina VAN PELT.
a. Menso Johannes MENSO, oficerar in the Hussars, born 30 January 1871 in the Hague, died 1911 in Warsveld.
Johan Willem MENSO, born 29 december 1871 in the Hague.
c. Johannes Christiaan Paulus Elisa MENSO, born 25 May 1876 in Haarlem, died 1957 in Ermelo.
X Johan Willem MENSO, born 29 december 1871 i Haag, died 19 January 1921 in Voorburg.
Cashier of the city Voorburg.

Married 8 April 1902 in the Hague to Gerrarda Margaretha Catharina VAN MAASDIJK, born 19 October 1882 in the Hague, died 1973, daughter of the banker Clément Guillaume Jean VAN MAASDIJK and Elisabeth HANEKUIJK.
Her brother was the famous air pioneer Clément van MAASDIJK, who died in an airplane accidant in 1910 in Arnhem.
Menso Johannes MENSO, born 14 April 1903 in the Hague.
b. Jacoba Sophia MENSO, born 11 July 1904 in tthe Hague, died 1970, married 1927 in Nijmegen to Adriaan Carel CAMBIER, born 1895 in Nijmegen, son of Adriaan Carel CAMBIER and Maria VAN HOUWENINGE. They got 1 daughter. After her divorce Jacoba Sophia married again in 1934, with the concert singer Nicolay MASCHKOV, born 1897 in Charkow, Kharkivs'ka, Ukraine, son of Tycho MASCHKOV and Antonia KRYAJANOWSKAJA. They got 1 son.
XI Menso Johannes MENSO, born 14 april 1903 in the Hague, died 26 April 1990 in Amsterdam.

a. 11 October 1927 in Haarlem to Beata Geertruida Elisabeth HARTOGH HEIJS VAN ZOUTEVEEN, born 1906 in Amersfoort, daughter of Petrus Simeon HARTOGH HEIJS VAN ZOUTEVEEN and Jeanne Louise Philippine DE LA FONTAINE SCHLUITER.
b. 30 March 1935 in Amsterdam to Anna Elisabeth Jacoba VAN DEN BERG, born 30 January 1908 in Amsterdam, died 1944 in Haarlem, daughter of Ernst Willem VAN DEN BERG and Anna KEHRER.
The got 3 sons.
c. 6 March 1946 in Amsterdam to Mary SCHIELAAR, born 19 april 1916 in Rotterdam, died 1988 in Amsterdam, daughter of Karel SCHIELAAR and Bertha GERZON.
They got 1 daughter.

Websites where the Menso family is mentioned:

The Samuelsson family:
The Samuelsson family from Kosta Sweden can be followed to the beginning of the 17th century, ca 1610.

Members of the taylor association of Rhenen:
23 March 1716 Sara applies for membership in the tailor association of Rhenen in order to start a textile shop.
In 1722 she is mentioned as a member of this association.

Archives of Zwolle, St. Michaelskerk in Zwolle, St.Jacobus altar and brotherhood:
Menso Johannis is here mentioned in the vicar list: Menso Johannis, coming in 1642 from Vollenhove to Zwolle and leaving in 1652 for Amsterdam. Also Bernardus Homoet, the son of Aeltien Menso and Albert Homoet, is here mentioned as vicar in Zwolle: Bernardus Homoet coming in 1667 from Culemborg to Zwolle and leaving in 1669 for Rotterdam.

Church member list of the Reformed Dutch Church of New York:
A Jacob Menso is mentioned as a new member of the Reformed Dutch Church in the city of New York on 17 January 1666.


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